Making safe spaces

One of my first jobs was teaching computer skills in Adult Education.

Imagine what it was like for someone older in the 90s, who knew they had to “learn computers” to keep their jobs, or keep in touch with their grandkids. Then, having to to go a night school class, and be taught by some teenager kid!

With new classes, I tried to start by showing caring and support, but there was this weird problem: how could someone so young have the authority of a teacher? People would be taken aback a little when they walked in to see someone so young setting up the classroom.

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Hey Sal, what's up?

These days, I’m mainly making stuff and advising a few upcoming blockchain education programs using peer learning.

  • Nonfungo - an infobot for NFT collections (currently deployed in Olympus DAO)
  • Powerplays - on-chain token launch notifications with a power-user duedil dashboard
  • peer learning @ BanklessDAO
  • advising Limechain Academy

Feel free to email me at


Mentor Impact - from the startup mentors that get results.

Decision Hacks - early-stage startup decisions distilled.

Peer Learning Is - education for fast-changing topics.

Previously founded

Air Collective (2020)
Air-tight COVID masks that protect half of Bulgaria's hospitals

DIY Ventliators (2020)
Mobilised 150 engineers across 11 countries, creating ~10 rapid-manufacturable ventilator prototypes in 6 weeks

Source Institute (2015)
Education delivery company specialising in peer learning and program delivery for pre Best practice areas. Mainly international programs in emerging tech and markets.

Founder Centric (2012)
Boutique training company that delivered startup education for Europe's top-tier universities and startup acclerators

Leancamp (2009)
A community of entrepreneus in 30 cities that developed the Lean Startup methodology