Making sense of DAOs

Over the holidays, I wanted to understand the big new paradigms that blockchains offer. Sure, there’s a lot of hype, but having glipsed the epicenter of a few new paradigms before, I figured there’s probably something truly new and useful happening… so how to see passed my current lens to understand that?

I read a stack of whitepapers and thought leaders (Vitalik Buterin, Other Internet, Olympus…), and lessons learned shared which coordination practices actually work (MakerDAO, Uniswap, Moloch). After reading these original thinkers and makers, rather than the hypey content machine, a lot got clearer.

But it was still confusing so to clarify my thinking, I started writing summaries. That turned into something useful to share:

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What's new?

Ramping up for my Gitcoin Kernel Fellowship, working on new blockchain primitives for workgroup coordination.

Writing DAOistry which summarizes ideas from blockchain visionaries into practical chunks.

Helping BanklessDAO and Polygon with some peer learning stuff

For fun, made Nonfungo - completely on-chain NFT sale notification bot for Discord. (Look ma! No Opensea API!)

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