I'm Salim Virani. My background is in peer learning and supporting creators. I'm a techie and like to make things that enable people.

About Sal

I’m Salim Virani. I have two cats. One is a ninja, the other is a phantom.

Feel free to email me at smile@saintsal.com

Previously founded

Air Collective (2020)
Air-tight COVID masks that protect the front-line of half of Bulgaria’s hospitals. Svobodna Evropa, technews.bg

DIY Ventilators (2020)
Mobilised 150 engineers across 11 countries, creating ~10 rapid-manufacturable ventilator prototypes in 6 weeks. Referenced by the US National Library Of Medicine and #EndCoronaVirus

Source Institute (2015)
Education delivery company specialising in peer learning and emergent (pre-best-practice) topics, mainly running global programs in emerging tech and markets.

One of our pinnacle programs, The Africa Prize For Engineering Innovation, regularly featured by the BBC World Service and BBC.com

Founder Centric (2012)
Boutique training company that delivered startup education for Europe’s top-tier universities and startup accelerators.

Featured in The Financial Times: Online course opens to sharpen start-up minds, Entrepreneurship can be taught, say educators

Leancamp (2009)

A community of entrepreneurs in 30 cities that developed the Lean Startup methodology

So, uh, what's happening?

I’ve recently become a Kernel Fellow and am exploring new models for collaboration.

I’ve done a few advisory gigs too - for Polygon, Limechain and Bankless on education and support programs.

About me

Fun crypto projects

  • Cuppa - decentralised collaboration protocol (WIP)
  • Nonfungo - completely on-chain NFT sale notification bot for Discord. (Look ma! No Opensea API!)
  • Powerplays - real-time token launches

Collected practices

  • DAOistry - practices and mindsets from successful blockchain communities
  • Decision Hacks - early-stage startup decisions distilled

Peer Learning work

  • Peer Learning Is - a look at peer learning around the world, and a program design methodology
  • Mentor Impact - approaches used by top-performing startup mentors
  • Source Institute - skunkworks I founded with open peer learning formats and ops guides