About Sal

I’m Salim Virani. I have two cats. One is a ninja, the other is a phantom.

Feel free to email me at smile@saintsal.com

Previously founded

Air Collective (2020)
Air-tight COVID masks that protect half of Bulgaria's hospitals

DIY Ventilators (2020)
Mobilised 150 engineers across 11 countries, creating ~10 rapid-manufacturable ventilator prototypes in 6 weeks

Source Institute (2015)
Education delivery company specialising in peer learning and emergent (pre-best-practice) topics, mainly running global programs in emerging tech and markets.

Founder Centric (2012)
Boutique training company that delivered startup education for Europe's top-tier universities and startup accelerators

Leancamp (2009)
A community of entrepreneurs in 30 cities that developed the Lean Startup methodology

What's new?

Ramping up for my Gitcoin Kernel Fellowship, working on new blockchain primitives for workgroup coordination.

Writing DAOistry which summarizes ideas from blockchain visionaries into practical chunks.

Helping BanklessDAO and Polygon with some peer learning stuff

For fun, made Nonfungo - completely on-chain NFT sale notification bot for Discord. (Look ma! No Opensea API!)

More about me.