Dec 17, 2012

Cure jargon in 30 seconds.

Too many great ideas get buried by their own jargon.

If we’re lucky enough to understand these jargony ideas, we can fix this. Life’s too short to let others miss out!*

Take a complicated, jargon-y or hard-to-understand term and explain it buzzword-free in 30 seconds. Doesn’t have to be about tech or startups - anything in your expertise. Make it visual. Make it fun. And most importantly, make it quick! Up for it?

Scalability explained in 30 seconds. With Zombies. #jargonfree30

And here’s a go I had 2 years ago: MVP explained in 30 seconds. (Warning: contains Kevin Costner, Donald Trump and hippie haircuts.) #jargonfree30



  • This post was originally twice as long, but I edited all the jargon out.


I'm Salim Virani. I've been designing peer learning programs since 2009, and these days I'm also having fun building random stuff.

In the past, I designed peer learning programs for Oxford, UCL, Techstars, Microsoft Ventures and The Royal Academy Of Engineering. I also played a role in creating the Lean Startup methodology, and the European startup ecosystem. You can read about this here.

What am I up to these days?

I’m working on a communication tool for community groups and unconferences. It focuses on autonomising focused teams rather than top-down coordination.

I’m on the Kernel Stewards team, where we help ~2,000 fellows understand the what the development of blockchains mean to humanity on anthropological scales, and how to use them altruistically and prudently.

Books & collected practices

  • Peer Learning Is - a broad look at peer learning around the world, and how to design peer learning to outperform traditional education
  • Mentor Impact - researched the practices used by the startup mentors that really make a difference
  • DAOistry - practices and mindsets that work in blockchain communities
  • Decision Hacks - early-stage startup decisions distilled
  • Source Institute - skunkworks I founded with open peer learning formats and ops guides, and our internal guide on decentralised teams

Random Projects

  • Cuppa - decentralised collaboration protocol (WIP)
  • Nonfungo - completely on-chain NFT sale notification bot for Discord. (Look ma! No Opensea API!)
  • Powerplays - real-time token launches