Tips on choosing your customer learning method
Oct 18, 2012

Exploration, pitching and concierge are 3 common experiment categories in the startup world.  Often these are incorrectly seen as steps, but they’re not. This will help choose which method is appropriate.

Exploration (Learn, aka Customer Discovery)

  • if you have an early idea for a solution
  • if your customers aren't biting your arm off and chasing you for your product
  • if you're not sure where you need to be to make new customers aware of you
  • if you don't know what budget you belong to, or who else in the organisation can affect your sales
  • if you don't know how to segment your customers based on behaviour or job-to-be-done
  • if you're not confident how consistent your problems are within your target segment
Pitch (Confirm, aka Customer Validation)
  • if you have an idea of how and when people will buy from you
  • if you have an idea of when customers start looking for a solution, and where they look
Concierge (Learn or Confirm)
  • if you're confident in the customer segment to target, but less sure about exactly how to help them
  • if building the solution will take time and there are still unknown unknowns in terms of how customers will use it
  • if you have an idea for a solution but don't know the exact customer context or job-to-be-done
Choosing your learning method starts with [understanding your options]( so you know you're investing your time effectively.

What's new?

Ramping up for my Gitcoin Kernel Fellowship, working on new blockchain primitives for workgroup coordination.

Writing DAOistry which summarizes ideas from blockchain visionaries into practical chunks.

Helping BanklessDAO and Polygon with some peer learning stuff

For fun, made Nonfungo - completely on-chain NFT sale notification bot for Discord. (Look ma! No Opensea API!)

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